Foxy Girl is a company that produces high quality videos of beautiful women dancing and posts them on YouTube.  We make money through advertising.  Click here see the Youtube Channel.


Dancers - Our dancers get paid $50 per video - for most girls that works out to about $250 an hour.  If you would like to get paid to record short videos of yourself dancing at home, on the beach or wherever you can apply by sending a few pictures of yourself to  

To learn more about becoming a dancer click on the Dancers tab.  There is no nudity.



Advertisers - Foxy Girl offers brands the opportunity to have their products featured in videos that get millions of views on YouTube.  It is a great opportunity for any brand that wants to be connected to sex appeal.  Products that would be a good fit for our brand include apparel, beverages, health, beauty and more.

If you would like to have your product featured in Foxy Girl videos click on the advertise tab.